Jean-Louis Bonne


My research is related to the understanding of the variations of key parameters of the atmospheric composition, mostly in the Arctic region. I have been focusing on several trace greenhouse gases (CH4 and CO2 in combination with O2) and on the water isotopologues (a.k.a. water isotopes) of vapour and precipitations. By conducting continuous local surface observations and combining these observations with large scale atmospheric models, I aim at understanding the contribution of local and remote sources to the locally measured atmospheric composition.

My current project is focusing on the water isotopic composition, from ship measurements above the ocean and land observations in the eastern Arctic.
I am interested in the atmospheric processes affecting the water isotopic compositions, from the oceanic evaporation to the phase changes occurring during atmospheric transport. This has implications for the modelling of the atmospheric part of the water circle as well as for the interpretation of water isotope-based proxies used in paleoclimate studies.